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When SG-1 visited P4M-328, a world in the midst of an uneasy political climate, they inadvertently interrupted a formal reception being held in a museum and were mistaken as rebels, becoming the unwitting captors in a hostage situation. Among the hostages was Heren, one of the guests at the reception.

Heren had a romantic interest in Sylvana and Varina, both also party guests. Although Sylvana claimed him as her own, Heren quietly slipped away from the party to spend a few private moments with Varina. There they accidentally encountered SG-1, assumed they were rebels, and sounded the alarm that triggered the hostage crisis. As the hostages awaited their fate, Sylvana, realizing that Heren had been unfaithful, angrily confronted Varina, and Heren quite literally found himself in the middle of a jealous catfight.

Portrayed by: Brent O'Connor

Cross Reference: Attius, Cicero, Lourdes Malay, P4M-328, Quartus, Jayem Seran, Sylvana, Varina

Episode Reference: Bad Guys