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Quartus is the Chief Negotiation Officer for the Federal Security Council on P4M-328, a world in the midst of an uneasy political climate. When SG-1 arrived on the planet and inadvertently interrupted a formal reception being held in a museum, they were mistaken as rebels and became the unwitting captors in a hostage situation. Quartus took command of the operation from Lourdes Malay of the Council Security Detail, and by radio he communicated with Daniel, attempting to win the safe release of the hostages. He was willing to listen to Cicero, who tried to convince him that SG-1 were explorers rather than rebels, but he was under orders from the Viceroy, who refused to negotiate and demanded that the hostage situation be ended immediately. Quartus ordered SWAT teams to storm the building, and his officers held SG-1 in a standoff at the gate. Finally, Quartus was persuaded by reason to seek a peaceful solution, and he allowed the team to leave through the gate, however he believed his world was not ready to know of space travel and alien visitors. He ordered that the entire situation be suppressed with a cover story in which Jayem Seran, the museum guard, became a hero for having single-handedly foiled a rebel plot, saving the hostages and killing all four rebels.

Portrayed by: Ron Canada

Cross Reference: Attius, Cicero, Heren, Lourdes Malay, P4M-328, Jayem Seran, Sylvana, Varina

Episode Reference: Bad Guys