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P4M-328 is a world on a technological level similar to Earth, although the inhabitants have not yet achieved space travel. The planet has a history of Goa'uld occupation, and a number of Goa'uld artifacts have been discovered, including a working stargate, but only fragments and diagrams of a DHD have been found. The planet is no longer under Goa'uld control, and most of the inhabitants are oblivious to their Goa'uld past, unaware that the stargate is a portal that once brought aliens to their world. The current government is run by the Viceroy and a number of Chancellors, but the political climate is an uneasy one. The Viceroy's attempt to separate the Governing Council from the Circle of Heavens is controversial, but the majority of the people support him. However, rebels who are part of a radical religious sect intend to dissolve the government, and they believe that bringing the government leaders to their knees will win more followers to the rebel cause. With a recent string of successes against the Council and its members, the rebels have been increasing in power and influence, and the Viceroy needs a decisive win against the rebels to show his might.

Daniel had been researching the Ancient artifact known as the Clava Thessara Infinitas, and by cross referencing Athena's research with the cartouche of planets, he had generated a gate address for P4M-328 as a possible location for the Ancient tablet and treasure. However, when SG-1 arrived on the planet, they discovered that the stargate was an exhibit in a museum, among many other Goa'uld and Jaffa artifacts, writings, armor, and weapons. In the museum lobby, many dignitaries had gathered for a formal reception, and because of the planet's level of development, SG-1 attempted to observe basic protocol and make an inconspicuous departure so that first contact could be made by MALP rather than in person. However, while the stargate was genuine, the DHD was a reconstruction, and before the team could find an alternate means to dial out, they were mistaken as rebels, the guests panicked, weapons were fired, an alarm was triggered, the building was sealed, and SG-1 became the unwitting captors in a hostage situation.

Among the hostages was a chancellor by the name of Attius, a young man named Heren who was the focus of a romantic triangle involving Varina and Sylvana, and a museum researcher named Cicero who alone believed SG-1's story of a portal for interplanetary travel and who offered his cooperation. Jayem Seran, an over eager security guard, monitored the situation from within while Lourdes Malay of the Council Security Detail and Quartus of the Federal Security Council handled negotiations from outside. SG-1 discovered a Goa'uld naquadah bomb, similar to Sekhmet's Ark, as one of the exhibits in the museum, and they used the device as a power source in order to manually dial the gate. The hostage situation ended in a standoff when SG-1 prepared to depart just as SWAT officers stormed the museum. Quartus was persuaded to allow the team to leave peacefully, but he believed his world was not ready to know of alien visitors, and the entire incident was covered up. The SGC has since dialed the planet twice but has not been able to make a connection. The inhabitants of P4M-328 have most likely buried their stargate.

Cross Reference: Attius, Cicero, Clava Thessara Infinitas, Heren, Lourdes Malay, Quartus, Sekhmet's Ark, Jayem Seran, Sylvana, Varina

Episode Reference: Bad Guys

Point of Origin: 33

P4M-328 point of origin