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Lourdes Malay

When SG-1 visited P4M-328, a world in the midst of an uneasy political climate, they inadvertently interrupted a formal reception being held in a museum and were mistaken as rebels, becoming the unwitting captors in a hostage situation. From outside the museum, Lourdes Malay, a member of the Council Security Detail, contacted SG-1 by radio and attempted to act as the negotiator to diffuse the situation. However, Malay did little to earn SG-1's trust when medical personnel given safe passage into the museum were sent in armed. Malay later cooperated with Quartus, who took command of the situation as the lead negotiator.

Portrayed by: Richard Zeman

Cross Reference: Attius, Cicero, Heren, P4M-328, Quartus, Jayem Seran, Sylvana, Varina

Episode Reference: Bad Guys